padam means lotus

i’ve done a lot of trekking these last 4-5 years in nepal so i encountered a lot of mountain guides. none of them was a disappointment, nepali mountain guides are in general very friendly and professional.

well, padam is a different breed. he was introduced to me by a friend hotel owner, as my guide i’m usually working with in the annapurna region was not available at that time. he assured me that padam is “the best”. in case you didn’t know, everything is “the best” in nepal, so i took his word with a grain of salt, but i booked this new guide, trusting my friend’s recommendation.

it happened that “the best”, for padam, is a lesser label. he is just… a lotus. as the matter of fact, his name, padam, means lotus in nepali. it fits him. i should put like this: if all the other nepali guides i met are laligurans (rhododendrons, the nepal national flower), padam is the lotus. perhaps the mountain lotus, a unique and rare flower, one ought to be lucky to find.