Mardi Himal 7 Days Trek

My friend searched for a Trek to hike and see the Annapurna Range.
In Pokhara we met our guide Padam and it started on a cloudless sunny day.
The Trek passed through different areas and it was at all time an easy hike. The sections through the forest were not my favorite. But to reach the amazing view points and the top we had to pass through it.
We went in November 2018 so it seemed not so crowded but the most of the Ghuest Houses at High Camp were fully booked. Padam pre-booked everything one day ahead so it was nothing for us to worry about. At all time he made every request possible and we had the best insider informations about everything. It was impressive how Padam had an answer for every question. His experience in Nepal is marvelous. It was also very interesting to know that much about rituals, people and life in Nepal. I would recommend Padam to anyone who likes the nature as much as me and wants to learn something during the trek.
Padam it was an honor to meet you, and I´m always happy when I think back on that trip. Thank you for making that time so special to me.

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