Panchassee Trek

In the middle of August I guided Holger (from Germany) to Panchassee Bhanjyang.

From the start of the trek it begin heavily to rain. We had to make several breaks because of the never ending monsoon rain. We reached the “Happy Heart Hotel” slidely dump for our overnight. The dinner was fresh, local and delicious. Day 2 started without rain, but the path was very slippery. Together we decided to change the tour to a more secure and longer way.

Holger made some photos from this 2 day trekking Tour.


One thought on “Panchassee Trek

  1. Thank you Padam for your professional guiding. Yes, in the beginning it was very wet, but all the experience over the days cannot be put in words. It was so fantastic, the landscape, the people we meat, the hotel, the pure nature smells and humidity. And all together your knowledge about region, people and history. A life time experience that I do not want to miss.

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