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  1. Padam guided myself and a friend for 10 days from Pokhara to the Annapurna Base Camp in November 2003 and was obviously very well known in each town we passed through. He has a great knowledge of this region and was able to judge the best itinerary for our short trip, avoiding any difficulties posed by the weather, and was always able to find us a comfortable lodge and good food each day. He guides clients with humour and enthusiasm, and many return. Living in the Annapurna region, he is also acutely aware of the Maoist situation in the area and will endeavour to tailor treks to avoid any troubled routes.

    I have travelled to Nepal a few times now, and am quite happy making my way to Pokhara. Padam will be happy to meet you at Kathmandu airport or in Pokhara, depending on what suits you. His guiding rates are extremely competitive, and for those who are happy to make their way over to Nepal wishing to trek on a budget, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  2. Myself and i was planning to trek in Everest Basecamp 2005 we didnot know how is the effort of trekking we found padam through local agency and we will feel soo easy walk with padam about 2 weeks in mountain padam provide us such a great service with smily face and eccellent knowledge of araeas we very appriciate that padam his highly recommoudated

  3. My girlfriend and I (now my wife) went travelling for a year in April 2002, and started our journey in Nepal, figuring we’d get fit if we did a 10-12 day trek. By a pure stroke of luck we were introduced to Padam by the manageress of our hotel in Pokhara. Now, my wife and me were at the time complete strangers to basic exercise, never mind 10 day treks. And yet I think our preparation involved a handful of 4 mile walks prior to leaving Ireland. So after the first day of our trek to Annapurna Base – a 6 hour walk, which is quiet short really – we were starting to wonder what we’d let ourselves in for. I’m glad to say now Padam was on hand throughout encouraging us and supporting us. He was always positive and upbeat through those first couple of days when we wanted to turn back. When we needed to rest – which was frequently – he was more than happy to oblige. His knowledge of the area is second to none, he is a gentle and unasuming spirit without being a walk over. He has a great sense of humour and patience in abundance to be coping with the likes of the serial moaners we were.

    A german couple hooked up with us on our 2nd day and wondered why Padam could answer all their questions when the guide they had booked and paid a lot of money to in Kathmandu was unable to. Simply put, Padam has a vast experience in guiding. It’s not unusual for him to be trekking non stop for a 30 day period. Some parts of the trek can be lethal, as at certain times of year there is still a risk of localised avalanches. He is also extremely conscientious when it comes to the dangers of altitude sickness. We met a number of people who had to turn back due to AS, but fortunate for us we were that slow getting up the mountain that we had eased into our conditioning!!

    Padam’s English is very good and he is very flexible when it comes to choosing where you want to stay at night, when I believe some other guides will gently coax you to stay somewhere of their choosing.

    My lasting memory of Padam were the nights when we’d arrive at a village, wrecked and sulking (my wife and I, that is) and we’d belligerently tell Padam we weren’t going anywhere the next day, for him to take a day off, that we were, and that we were going to get drunk now. Padam would sit there quietly and nod, we’d play some card games together, and drink about a 330ml of beer each before my wife and I collapsed into bed. (It was no later than about 7pm) Then he’d rap our door the next morning and just like the morning previous we’d have recovered/rested sufficiently to tackle another day.

    I cannot speak highly enough of this man. If you need to ask me anything else email me on ellandappy@gmail.com.

    Enjoy your trek!

    PS: We both lost about 5 Kilos

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